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Data Capture, Main Reason for Historic Comet Landing

Data Capture, Main Reason for Historic Comet Landing Rosetta Philae Landing, November 12, 2014 With the entire planet watching today, the human race tests the limits of technology as it attempts to land a rover on a moving comet.  According to Read more

World Paper Free Day with wescanfiles.com

World Paper Free Day with WeScanFiles.com   Want To Feel Ridiculous in 2015? Just Keep Telling Yourself That Your Paper Systems are "Fine." Happy World Paper Free Day 2014! It's the big day!  Welcome to World Paper Free Day 2014! So Choose Read more

Forms Processing by WeScanFiles.com

  Forms Processing by WeScanFiles.com   We are excited to share with everyone Forms Processing by WeScanFiles.com, powered by wedigiforms . Forms Processing simply put is the digital capturing of information entered into data fields and convert it into electronic media. These processes can be the processing Read more

Reasons You Should Pay Attention at Used and Refurbished Scanner Sales

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It is difficult to survive in a business environment without having adequate technical support. Means of communication are changing and evolving with time. Electronic modes of sharing ideas, messages and presentations/documents etc. are evolving with advanced speed. Companies cannot remain grounded with the old school communication channels therefore; they need to invest in advanced and high tech machinery such as document scanners. Used and Refurbished Scanner Sales can be a brilliant option for the business firms, which are not considering the idea of investing a lot of money in acquiring new scanner setup for the office.

Used and Refurbished Scanner Sales bring in multiple options for the interested buyers. Both individuals and enterprises can consider buying refurbished scanners from leading manufacturing brands. Most of the buyers confuse refurbished with used but this is not right. Refurbished products are the ones, which were returned by the buyers immediately after opening the package because they did not find it in good working condition. In such case, company sends back these products back to the manufacturing units, where the defects are detected and fixed.

For Companies-Whether you are a legal organization, medical center, business organization or financial firm, you need to store and share several of documents. Going paperless brings your overall document sharing and maintenance cost down, which is a great achievement for any business organization.

For individuals-Why do you need scanner? If you are an individual, who works as a freelance or consultant with various firms, then you obviously need to scan a lot of documents during a day/week/month. Having a scanner at your work table saves time, effort and energy that you can further utilize in making your communication effective.

Sometimes, the manufacturer itself filters some of the device models not functioning properly during final testing of the product before packaging. Then also the products are sent back to the production unit where repairing is done. Used products are different; they are basically second hand devices, which the seller directly offers for sale or through an agent too. Used and Refurbished Scanner Sales are increasing because people actually find it suitable to get perfectly functioning product in relatively lower prices.

There is a specific buying guide for you, if you are planning to get your device via Used and Refurbished Scanner Sales. Such devices undoubtedly work fine but they have certain performance limit. If you have massive documentation scanning and digitalization work to handle on routine basis, then it is suggested to look for new and high capacity scanners. Refurbished and used scanners are perfect to cater medium level requirements. If these devices are used according to their capacity, then their performance period enhances, otherwise issues of damage in machine start emerging.

In the marketplace, there are several professional document scanning service providers. You can ask for professional advice to get your existing scanner repaired or purchase a refurbished/used on. You can also avail document digitalization from experts. Www.wescanfiles.com is one of the most preferred and dependable service providers in Dallas.

Secured Document Storage for Confidential Records

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Daily documentation is a major challenge for every business organization or consultants. They cannot afford to ignore the process of documentation management on routine basis because it is more challenging to deal with the heap of files in one day. Though, the process of digitalizing the documents has resolved various challenges for both enterprises and individuals. Secured Document Storage online has become the latest trend, which is easy and user friendly plus requires lesser time.

Earlier, Secured Document Storage of paper based files used to be an unnerving task to handle. Arranging all files in order, making a list and arranging the folders in series were totally a waste of time. These days, paperless records are being created and maintained. Companies and individuals both rely on this process as they get to save time, effort and energy through this. Digitalizing the paper based docs has turned simpler. All you require is a technically advanced scanner with latest scanning software installed in it. This combination ensures quality digital output of papers, forms, documents, drawings, images and more.

Preserving these digital documents has become simpler and secured using cloud storage. Uploading the important digitalized documents on the cloud requires very less time. Password, encryption or digital signature methods are also available to prevent the data against any time of damage. This backup helps the user to access the important files and data through their smartphones, tablets or laptop/computer from anywhere. This explains that Secured Document Storage is entering to the new era of advancement, which is better and improved.

Since having the documents on cloud is cost effective and threats of damage are minimized, therefore higher numbers of people have started adopting this method. Though, leading companies install in house scanners and cloud server hosting, whereas small scale and medium scale organizations go for outsourcing this requirement to professionals.

There are professionals engaged in offering Secured Document Storage solutions to a myriad range of clients from different sectors of the marketplace. They have established resources including high quality scanners, trained workforce, cloud servers and repair experts to cater storage related requirements of the clients. With their experience and knowledge they serve industries like banking, financial management firms, medical organizations, academic institutions, legal firms and other corporate businesses.

These service providers consider privacy of the client documents as their utmost concern and offer it complete attention. Therefore, clients can completely rely on these service providers for assuring excellence in the digitalization and cloud storage they offer. In order to provide complete after sales assistance, these documentation management companies have appointed a dedicated team of client representatives. Consulting such professional service providers helps the businesses to get their communication process ready for smooth functioning against all the challenges.

Www.wescanfiles.com is renowned as corporate’s choice when it comes to Secured Document Storage. The company has been catering a massive client base with its exclusive services, which are designed to respect confidentiality of its clients while providing complete protection to the documents via effective online storage.

Scanner Repairs | Digital Scanner Repair Service

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Availing the best Digital Scanner Repair Service in Dallas

Imagine a day without electronic gadgets working property in your office. It is even impossible to imagine such situation then how difficult it would be to handle it. But, machines might fail sometimes, without any prior notice. Therefore, office management staff should always be ready with the best alternatives and solutions for such unexpected problems. Scanners play significant role in day to day communication of the company and there are few units of this machine installed unlike the desktop systems. Hence, Scanner Repairs in emergency can really get daunting and difficult.

Experts in effective office management highly recommend that officials responsible for equipment and machine maintenance should have contact information of nearby and reliable Digital Scanner Repair Service. This is the best method to get support in least possible time. Most of the repair solution providers are registered on the web directories and yellow pages, from where their contact information can be obtained without any hassles.

Some of the Digital Scanner Repair Service providers have their official websites too. You can contact them via their websites or through the contact numbers mentioned on the web. Easy connectivity helps you to get help in least possible time. At the same time, it is also suggested that the operations manager should have list of specifications, model number and other related information about the defected device.

When you are able to explain the current situation of your machine along with its model number while registering the complaint with repair experts, you make it easy for them to diagnose the problem. As a result, comparatively lesser time is required for Scanner Repairs. Companies require their machines working smoothly to enjoy more productivity and comparatively lesser destruction of the valuable resources.

However, it is always a good option to have backups arranged. If your machine is not functioning properly, make sure in that case you have organized alternative to ensure smooth flow of communication via scanned documents. Mostly, companies have tie up with document scanning service providers in the town. They get the required documents scanned in high quality whenever required. Though, such service provider should be preferred, who respects confidentiality and privacy of a company’s documentation process. Only credible service providers are given preference by companies.

Leading repairing solution providers are always equipped with latest repairing tools and techniques. The skilled repairing personnel are trained to understanding mechanical and technical structure of machines/scanners designed by leading brands. Hence, they have strong grip on the functioning problems of the device and fix it properly. Once you have experts on board to handle the bugs in your scanning machine, you can expect the work to resume normally as soon as possible.

Always choose a Digital Scanner Repair Service, which also deals in document scanning, management and storage etc. This will help you to get backup work assistance in case the scanner requires more time for repair. Www.wescanfiles.com is one such trustworthy name in the industry, which deals in comprehensive document scanning and management solutions including repairs too.

Impact of File Scanning Capture Software in Modern Documentation Process

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File Scanning Capture Software is groundbreaking invention for businesses as it allows them to get soft copy of the documents instantly. The device is designed to read and capture the paper based document in few seconds and generate its digital copy to be stored in the computer or on the cloud. Users can connect it with\computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone via simple USB cable or wireless connection. This user friendliness has made the device more effective and highly preferred by business organizations.

Idea of using digital documents has got significant support worldwide because it is the best method to keep all the records, without disturbing the environment. Paperless record keeping is ecofriendly and a brilliant way to preserve the information. Securing the softcopies of docs is much easier as compare to the paper based documents.

Earlier, fax and photocopiers used to be the preference for businesses because most of the mailing was done via post. These days, where electronic mailing and cloud sharing are the most common means of sharing documents, high quality scanners stand ahead in the list. These scanners are designed on the concept of latest technology, where quality imaging of documents is generated. Therefore, hospitals, legal firms and architectural organizations use the digitalization technique to create paperless records respectively for patient database, legal papers and architectural drawings etc. Similarly, numerous other business organizations and individuals use File Scanning Capture Software to solve their different requirements.

Revolutionary advancements in financial sector such as online invoicing etc. have also been possible with the help of advanced scanners. There are leading manufacturers of quality scanning machines and developers of File Scanning Capture Software. Combination of quality hardware and software ensure quality performance of the product. This methodology is cost effective and less time consuming, hence it is widely preferred.

Even individuals find these scanners really significant in treasuring the most precious memories of their lives. The photographs, vintage letters and various other belongings, which hold high emotional value for them, can be digitalized by using these scanners. The quality scanners produce high resolution output and the images look excellent to the viewers. Certainly, technological advancements have given wings to the creativity of people. Using scanned images in creating effective presentations has emerged as latest trend. They can now create softcopy of their work and share it via email and other online document sharing platforms.

There are leading solution providers in the field of document digitalization, image and drawing scanning. They use finest quality of File Scanning Capture Software and machines to make sure that quality output is provided to the clients. They use latest techniques such as Optical Character Recognition aka OCR to digitalized images. You can find credible solution providers in your city. Most of the leading solution providers are registered on local directories, from where you can get their contact information.

In Dallas, www.wescanfiles.com is amongst one of the most trusted solution providers in document scanning and management. Team of reliable and intelligent professionals associated with this service provider has established exemplar of outstanding services.

Document Management Platforms and Solutions

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The way business world is speeding forward, it is impossible to go with the same traditional methods of functioning. Companies need to step into a new era of technology and pick up advanced methods of managing day to day activities within the organizations. Unlike to old days, where huge pile of files were maintained, paper based solutions were preferred, presently digital documentation is the new trend. Document Management Platforms and Solutions are preferred by business firms to save time, effort, resources and promote eco-friendliness.

Earlier document sharing used to be really time taking process for businesses. Speed post, courier or book post was some of the preferred methods for document sharing. Each of these processes involved tangible documents (printed on paper), which further required packaging, stamping, dispatching and numerous of other steps in between. In fast pace of time, using such old school methods cannot be apt. Companies are juggling with tough competition and in order to stay ahead of time, they need to adopt the latest and advanced modes of communication and file sharing.

However, invention of electronic mailing reduced a lot of burden, but to comprehend the benefits of email, it is significant to have Document Management Platforms and Solutions, which can turn paper documents into qualitative digital files, accessible in your computer. These solution providers use high quality scanners and advanced techniques to convert the paper docs and images, drawings etc. in printable digital format. The output is of high quality and brilliant resolution of the digital images offers clarity in the documents.

Apart from digitalization, these solution providers also deal in managing the documents, which includes cloud storage, password protection, digital signature based protection and encryption etc. Understanding the concept of security threats, which are commonly available on the web, it becomes significant to look for advanced security methods, which can be sufficient in preventing the data on web from any type of misuse. Therefore, such systems are invented, where only authenticated user can get access to the digital documents, reducing threats to security to a major level.

Document Management Platforms and Solutions are getting a new definition and recognition with time. IT professionals are coming up with new and improved ideas to manage paperless records. Companies are shifting their approach to digital in order to speed up their business functioning. Time management and reducing the maintenance cost for documents are two major concerns for the businesses. To accomplish these motives, the companies prefer to hire reliable document scanning and management service providers in the city. This not only reduces their burden but also helps them to get expert assistance in routine management. Appointing team of reliable personnel helps the company to face routine challenges that occur within an organization.

If you are looking for Document Management Platforms and Solutions in Dallas, then www.wescanfiles.com is a recommended destination. Here, you can find most adequate and refined solutions designed and altered as per your precise requirements. Therefore, it is a widely trusted name in document scanning, digitalization and storage service providers.

Document Destruction to Maintain Confidentiality of Organization

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Every business has several confidential documents as sources of sensitive information. Ignoring protection of these documents means inviting unwanted trouble for your company’s growth. There is a major risk involved with poor handling of such sensitive information. Document Destruction, therefore stands as one of the most vital tasks undertaken by an organization. The destruction has to be secured with the assurance of complete damage of the sensitive data.

The data cannot be named completely destructed as long as it is retrievable. The professionals, who are assigned to task of Document Destruction, should be trained and skilled enough to ensure that the data present in paper or paperless documents is destroyed completely and no one can ever retrieve the information from the same. The paper based destruction is done through a special machine called paper shredded. There are several models of shredders available in the marketplace, which tatter the paper and turn it into scrap.

These days, various law firms, hospitals and other business organizations prefer to have their confidential data in digitalized form only. Therefore, they choose to convert all the paper documents into paperless docs and destruct the bundles of documents using a shredder. Preventing confidential and private documents is much easier when they are in the form of soft copy. Carrying them from one place to another also becomes easier. However, paperless documents require a different and enhanced type of security setup too.

Shredders should be selected smartly. There are some of the shredding devices, which do not scrap the paper neatly. The machine cuts the paper in big pieces, which are still readable. Rather, some shredders are designed with complex blade structures, ensures complete scrapping of the paper. Document Destruction process using software based methods is also a latest technique, which is specifically available for digitalized documents. Retrieving digital data is possible through document recovery software.

These computer based programs can recover the data, which you have deleted. If you delete an item permanently from your mobile/smartphone or send it to trash, it stays in the primary or secondary memory of the computer for certain period of time. The recovery software is designed to retrieve the deleted data from your device. Therefore, the Document Destruction of the confidential digitalized documents should be done by using trusted and effective software.

There are trained professionals providing adequate solutions for destruction of documents and official records. You can only prefer to have such personnel on board, who are trusted for being certified professionals and accountable to prevent your interests of privacy. Hence, smarter organizations always prefer to go for on-site paper destruction, where chances of anyone misusing your official information against you are relatively low.

Since the process of Document Destruction is very confidential task therefore you cannot afford to handover this assignment to any random solution provider. It is obvious concern of the document holder to choose such a company, which has verified personnel appointed to respect document privacy to the clients. In Dallas, www.wescanfiles.com is rated amongst such credible solution providers.

Digital Scanner Equipment and Software

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Substantial role of Digital Scanner Equipment and Software for digitalization

A huge business organization, which requires thousands of documents (text/images/drawings/forms and more) scanned by the end of the day would understand significance of quality Digital Scanner Equipment and Software. Without having quality machine and software in the house, you cannot imagine to digitalize the important documents in quality format.

When the significant documents are converted into digital form, it becomes automatically important to make sure that quality of the output is maintained. The digitalized documents should not only just be readable but qualitative enough to assure clarity while printed. There are several document digitalization service providers, promising to offer unbelievably lower prices for their services. But, before selecting a particular company to transform your important data paperless and ready to be stored on cloud, make sure you have checked quality of their final output.

The best document scanning company will always use high quality Digital Scanner Equipment and Software, which eliminates all possibilities of deficiency in quality. Be it legal statement, medical report, list of company’s accounts or employee database, each type of information is important and needs to be preserved accordingly. Privacy of the scanned documents is a prime concern because if the scanned files are not encrypted, anyone can misuse it. Therefore, leading service providers, which have been catering clients from different industries with their supreme document scanning and imaging solutions go one step further to define security system of digitalized data.

They use special password protection and unique file encryption codes to make sure that only authorized person gets access to the documents online. Protection of documents available on the cloud is also strengthened by using new age cyber security solutions. Digital signatures are also used to authenticate the user while accessing the files.

Nowadays manufacturers and developers of Digital Scanner Equipment and Software are working in collaboration to build remarkable setup for scanning, digitalizing and protecting the official information of the businesses in paperless forms. Ground breaking steps are being taken to meet challenges created by security threats. Quality of modern day scanners has emerged as a beneficial aspect for businesses seeking to reduce the paper load and yet preserve all the significant documents online.

Companies seeking best digital documentation and cloud storage solutions prefer to select such service providers, which have intelligent workforce and advanced quality technical resources. Get in touch with professionals via www.wescanfiles.com to enjoy best of file scanning via quality Digital Scanner Equipment and Software.

Digital Form Processing | Digital Signatures

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Digital Form Processing: Redefined ways of organizational functioning

Methods of file and document authentication are redefined in contemporary world. Science and technology are changing the world to better. Digital Form Processing has become easiest and safest method of form submission, which has helped numerous business organizations, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, public sector offices and individuals.

The process is simple and has lesser chances of any fraud. Digital Signatures are used as authentication key to identify that whether the papers/files submitted are original and submitted by the authorized person only. This is a brilliant step towards advancement in the world of online document sharing. The techniques of signing the files digitally before sharing them online are powered by unique encryption methodologies. Introduction to password security to online file sharing process is also a value addition.

This has empowered the businesses and individuals to share their confidential data using the web media, without any threat of damage to the intellectual property and confidential files. Digital Form Processing has been redefined technically and hence it is being accepted widely across the globe. As per industry experts, when smartly executed online file security system is used, chances of frauds and illegal activities against your online documents are negligible. No one can misuse the protected online documents without the permission of authenticated user.

The major challenge, which remains associated with online file sharing, is to ascertain if no one else other than the authorized person has altered the documents. Therefore, the idea of using has emerged as key solution to this problem. Apart from username-password protection and encryption based security protocol, signing the files/documents digitally is considered as highly preferred mediums of security for the official papers (intellectual stuff) available on the web.

As the cyber media is turning stronger day by day, Digital Signatures and other paperless documentation services has become urgent need for companies and organizations belonging to different industries including banking, medical, law, education and more. Each one of these requires paperless services and enhanced protection to their official documents and intellectual property. Therefore, they prefer to hire such Digital Form Processing companies, which can offer trusted and distinguished solutions in competitive prices.

However, selecting the best service provider in this field remains a challenge. There are various companies assuring the superlative services but not all can be the best. Therefore, solution seekers need to pick the reliable company in this field smartly. Such trusted service provider will make sure that your documents are encrypted for protection and no one can misuse your Digital Signatures at any level. Also, the best company would be the one, which has advanced machines for document scanning and processing them online. Having skilled workforce to handle the orders is also significant component of a leading solution provider in this field.

You can look for various reliable solution providers online. Leading companies in this field can be accessed through their official websites. Visit www.wescanfiles.com to avail advanced digital document processing, imaging and other paperless solutions as they are rated amongst the paramount service providers by their existing clients.

Preserve mandatory information using Document Scanning and Imaging

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Web storage and sharing of documents has evolved as most trusted and widely appreciated method for modern users. Offices as well as individuals totally trust the idea of Document Scanning and Imaging followed by cloud storage. No one wants to have a huge paper based setup for maintaining the important information and confidential records of the company. Therefore, availability of better and smarter alternatives is being applauded and appreciated on major scale.

Technically advanced and effective devices are used to accomplish the process of Document Scanning and Imaging. The central aim always is to reproduce quality documents/images in digital format. These documents should not only be readable but excellent in terms of providing brilliant clarity while printed. There are several types of important informative aspects, which are associated with every company. All the businesses need to be sure that such information is preserved and protected against any expected and sudden threats. Digitization of paper stuff has emerged as a lifesaving element for these companies.

In almost every business sector, need of document scanning is higher. Be it medical sector, legal, government sector, private sector companies, banking and more, each of the industries use Document Scanning and Imaging and their major tool. Microfiche scanning, microfilm scanning, X-rays and engineering as well as architectural drawings etc. are such documents, which can be scanned by using advanced technology based scanners. Digitalization of documents has made it handy to manage such documents. There is no need to carry big files and boxes filled up with papers as you can carry the documents in your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Similarly, individuals are bringing these techniques in use for treasuring a lot of memorable stuff such as old letters, antique photographs, childhood photographs, certificates and more. Papers and photographs might start fading in quality and some paper might lose their impact in the long run. No one wants to see their precious belongings fading away with time. Getting all these converted into digital form solves the problem. Digitalization is indeed the key to keep the documents and images new for a lifetime.

Techniques of document digitization have a long way to go. Inventive methods of brilliant techniques are needed to be improved. Challenging and complex task of bringing larger in size documents in the form of scanned image is made easier with the introduction of brilliant machines. It has introduced new level of speed to the organizational functioning. Sharing and sending the documents from one person to another has become simpler and task that can be completed with a blink of an eye.

To make sure that quality is maintained while the conversion through Document Scanning and Imaging takes place, hire an expert. The professionals at WeScanFiles.com understand how to use modern techniques and devices for scanning the papers. They maintain the quality in terms of resolution, contrast and color balance. This ensures that the digitalized form of the document is attractive in presentation and unfolds all the details with clarity. All the mandatory documents can now be kept on cloud to be accessed whenever needed.

Data Capture, Main Reason for Historic Comet Landing

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Data Capture, Main Reason for Historic Comet Landing

Rosetta Philae Landing, November 12, 2014

With the entire planet watching today, the human race tests the limits of technology as it attempts to land a rover on a moving comet.  According to the European Space Agency (ESA), Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is 500 milliion kilometers from Earth, or roughly 310.7 million miles.

“Navigation accuracy is the key,” said ESA officials at the media briefing accompanying today’s live Webcast (link below for your convenience).  When asked about the risk associated with the mission, the ESA’s response left little ambiguity:

“You won’t get anything if you don’t take a risk.  The risk is worth taking because the rewards are enormous.”

The ESA further went on to describe the comet as a “treasure chest of information waiting to be unlocked” with data about the comet’s geography and atmosphere — which apparently smells like rotten eggs and alcohol due to methane.

It may seem a stretch to compare digitizing your paper files, or updating that old document management system from the 1990s, to a comet landing.  However, we now hold more technology in our hands every day than we landed on the moon with, forty-plus years ago.


 Is it all that different?

In the end, it boils down to navigating, accessing, mining and evaluating data to discover new opportunities and learn from our cosmic and commercial past.

Data Capture, Main Reason for Historic Comet Landing

From the ESA media briefing:

“Evaluating that data tells us everything is OK.”


It may seem similarly difficult to transition your paper files into a business data “treasure chest” which instantly “unlocks” upon request, and provides mission-critical data on demand.

It can be challenging, but it’s a lot easier than landing on a comet half a billion miles away.  A lot easier.  We promise.

We are embracing and learning about new technology on a macro (even global) level, but also on an individual, micro level as well.  It’s part of our everyday lives now, and this comet landing just highlights that

Last week, we celebrated World Paper Free Day with AIIM, and gave examples of how we culturally embraced the technology of Xerox and mobile devices, making our lives much different — ultimately, so much better — with options we never knew were possible before the wide-spread adoption of these technological tools.

WeScanFiles.com (http://wescanfiles.com) specializes in helping clients achieve paper-free (or less paper) status with instant access to their important documents — anytime, anywhere.  Yes, we scan paper files, but we also offer a wide range of services from document imaging and management, wide-format scanning, digital forms processing, to document management consultation services. We specialize in confidentiality and security for regulated industries, and to keep your data safe from prying eyes.

Full Disclosure:  You do need an Internet connection, so perhaps you won’t be able to retrieve your data from the Philae Lander or Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, but you’re good to go from most places on this planet, thanks to our secure cloud and remote data access solutions, and our free WeScanFiles.com app.

If you don’t know where to start, visit us at http://wescanfiles.com to request a Free Assessment of your data situation and demands.  We tailor our services to you.  We will help.

Let’s not hear, “Houston (Dallas), we have a problem” because you can’t access the information you need.  Data Capture, Main Reason for Historic Comet Landing

Information is survival.

For comet landings and organizations.

P.S. Want to hear Captain Kirk’s take?  Here’s William Shatner:


P.P.S  Want to hear the comet “sing” or “purr”?

“Rosetta’s Plasma Consortium (RPC) has uncovered a mysterious ‘song’ that Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is singing into space. The comet seems to be emitting a ‘song’ in the form of oscillations in the magnetic field in the comet’s environment. It is being sung at 40-50 millihertz, far below human hearing. To make the music audible to the human ear, the frequencies have been increased in this recording: https://soundcloud.com/esaops/a-singing-comet “
Source:  European Space Agency via livestream.com

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Rosetta #CometLanding webcast

Live webcast from ESA mission control, when Europe’s Rosetta spacecraft dispatches the Philae lander to make the first-ever touchdown on a comet. Official hashtag: #CometLanding


Data Capture, Main Reason for Historic Comet Landing